Lamellar screen plate - hole of 50 µ

  • Cat No: LS01

Lamellar screen plates

for precipitators, centrifuges, vibrating screens, filter tubes and screw presses

The new technology offers many advantages in connection with processes related to filtering, purification and separation, which could be achieved with difficult and ineffective methods until recently.



  • minimal distances between the slats: 50 µ
  • the hole can be chosen arbitrarily according to the process 
  • stable construction, independent of the size of the hole
  • stable process and constant flow rate (almost without blockage and easy to maintain)
  • голяма светла площ


Fields of application:

separation of solid particles from the liquids

  • grids for detention of filtering elements in reaction vessels
  • mechanical purification of polluted water
  • vibrating screens
  • filter tubes (brewing and oil mills)
  • centrifuges and filter baskets

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