10х7 mm | pre-galvanized

  • Cat No: 21107

Expanded metal sheet 


mesh: 10x7 mm


sheet size: 0,8x1500x1760 mm | 0,8x1500x2000 mm | 1х1000х2000 mm | 1х1250х2500 mm


material: pre-galvanized steel


Price is per sheet 0,8х1500х1760 mm, VAT incl.!


Possible applications: HVAC, drop ceilings, furnitures, etc.

42,00 лв.
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Price: 42,00 лв.
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Technical Information
Technical Information
galvanised steel DX51D+Z
0,8 mm, 1,0 mm
1000х2000 mm, 1250х2500 mm, 1500х1760 мм